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New York Food 2025 is a collaborative effort by The Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, The Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, and The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute to examine the effects of the pandemic on New York City’s food policies and programs. Below is a series of policy briefs and recommendations that builds on our group’s earlier report, New York Food 20/20: Vision, Research, and Recommendations During COVID-19 and Beyond, and proposes specific policy measures the NYC Mayor and City Council can consider to create a stronger, healthier, more just, and sustainable food system in New York City.

Goal 1: Ensure that all pre-pandemic, crisis-specific, and emergency food policies and programs contribute to reducing food insecurity by making healthy, affordable, and culturally acceptable food available to all New York City residents.

Goal 2: Increase healthy and affordable food available in retail settings and purchased by NYC agencies for institutional and emergency food programs.

Goal 3: Reduce promotion and ubiquity of unhealthy food in all community, institutional, and retail settings.

Goal 4: Promote recovery, growth, and resiliency that builds a more robust, sustainable, and equitable infrastructure for New York City’s food distribution, retail, and service economies

Goal 5: Ensure that all food workers, including city-contracted food workers, have safe working conditions, the right and ability to organize, and livable wages.

Goal 6: Create integrated structures, processes, and systems to coordinate and monitor food policy in New York City to ensure substantial improvements to health and equity.

Goal 7: Take action to create a more democratic food system in which the city’s residents and communities increase their power, control, and ownership of New York City’s food system.

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